Tax Investigations


No tax payer wants to receive a letter from HMRC informing them that they are to be investigated.

Let us work with you to reduce the stress and worry of the process. Regardless of your situation and location, we can apply our expert tax knowledge and experience of investigations to offer you comprehensive advice and support throughout the process.

With our wealth of experience in all areas of tax, we provide expert assistance in all types of tax investigations.

We will clearly outline all of the necessary steps that you need to take when HMRC begins their investigation.

If any tax penalties are imposed on you following an investigation, we can negotiate with HMRC to arrange payment timescales.

There are many circumstances that can trigger a tax investigation and it is very difficult, if not impossible to find out the reason why you are being investigated.

Sometimes the cause can be relatively straightforward, such as a discrepancy or an omission identified by HMRC Other instances where a tax investigation may be required include random testing as you may be in a target area for HMRC or something that you have done such as irregular income which goes up and down by a significant amount over a period of years, or claiming overly high expenses.

Whatever the cause, the result is still the same and we have efficient and effective strategies to manage the process to achieve the best possible outcome.